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As we celebrate our 150th year, we are aware that times have changed and our United Methodist Women
must make changes as well if we want to continue into the future. An important part of what we do
is to educate ourselves about the people and places God calls us to mission. A large part of that
education takes place at Mission u. This year some changes are being made. We are shortening our
school by half a day. It is our hope that if we shorten our time away, it might be possible for
more women to attend. This will also allow us to make our school less expensive. The dates for
this year will be July 18-20, 2019. We will start earlier in the day on Thursday (instead of noon
on Wednesday) and be dismissed by noon on Saturday. We are planning our time so that we will still
meet the requirements for an accredited school, but we will have to be more prepared when we arrive
and work a little harder. Our Resource Center has changed the way books are to be handled,
therefore this year we will not have study books to sale at our school. You will need to order and
read your study books prior to coming to Mission u. Everyone will take the Spiritual Growth Study
and you will choose either the new special 150th Celebration: Women Organized for Change or the
repeat study, or What About Our Money.





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