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United Methodist Women have been instrumental in carrying out mission around the world since the inception of our predecessor organization many years ago.  Thus we have mission institutions around the world wherein we have the ability to impact lives and express God’s love.  We support nearly one hundred such facilities.  Throughout the years the mission of these places has often transitioned as needs of communities have changed, but the end result has always been that lives were improved, especially those of women, children and youth.  Our foremothers knew that when the lives of women were changed, families would be strengthened and thus societies would be as well.  We continue to BOLDLY move into the future supporting these missions and making a difference. United Methodist Women own four mission properties in our Louisiana Conference.  We are responsible for the care and support of these.  Three of them continue to carry out mission to their local communities and the last, located in Baldwin, Louisiana is leased to and used by UMCOR as a distribution facility.  If these missions are to thieve, United Methodist Women must be involved in their support with our time, talents, and money.  We need to visit, serve as members of their boards, and raise funds for care and maintenance. In order to help you stay connected and involved, this area of our web page will contain information about each of these institutions.  Check back often to keep updated about how they are impacting the communities in which they are located and how you can become involved and help.  Mission Matters and only works if you are an active part! 



To Access Information about Louisiana Conference Mission Institutions click on the appropriate link below:



Dulac Community Center

MacDonell Children’s Services

North Rampart Street Community Center



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